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For a couples of months I've been working and living in San Francisco.

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Hi !
My name is Jean-Baptiste Kaloya and as part of my studies I took part in a digital bootcamp for entrepreneurs focused on startups in the Bay Area.

San Francisco is of course an obvious choice when talking about high-tech and startups. As a Parisian I found living in San Francisco quite easy because the city looks more familiar to Europeans than other US cities. Being in San Francisco for business and work is of course very different from being there as a simple tourist. Funnily enough I came back to this city after a holliday trip that inspired me to create my first app "Hype" 3 years ago! And it’s this very first app which was one of the reasons why I was offered the great opportunity to take part in this bootcamp!

The aim of this bootcamp was to discover in depth all the startup ecosystem that's taking place in the Bay Area. Even if you're in the startup industry elsewhere I think it's hard to imagine how fast things change here : meetups and events take place almost every day and creativity is omnipresent in this environement. Of course everything isn't perfect and all is not well that ends well: new startups arrive on the market every day while thousands die slowly, thus creating a very high level competition among them. As a result, San Fransisco feels like a city where everything seems to be possible and boundless but in reality it’s a place where only the best thinkers and visionaries succeed. Even people who are not directly involved in the tech business are contributing to this ecosystem of innovation by unfailingly having the latest gadgets and by adopting the latest (tech) trends, as a result of which this city vibrates as the capital of early-adopters.

The program was mainly composed of advanced workshop and immersive visits of the city’s best accelerators and startups. In addition to meetings and visits we also took part in various workshops from Growth Hacking to 3D printing basics for quick prototyping.

As a conclusion, I must say that being in San Francisco for several weeks was not only very valuable from a professional point of view but also highly enjoyable in terms of getting to know the city’s atmosphere!

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I am also a UI / UX designer and Web / IOS developper working as a freelance in Paris ! Got a project to realize ? Hit me on my social to start building it together !

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